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A Brief look into PibSpeex...

Situation Specific Evaluation Expert (Speex), consists of Evaluation Expert and Job Profiling Expert (JPE). It is an open architecture Computerized Assessment system. It allows for the inclusion of any assessment tool and the comprehensive record keeping associated with assessments. It has unique norm group specifications (using any combination of biographical variables to define each group) and powerful batch norm regeneration functions built in. The user can easily change between popular norm referencing scales (e.g. Stanine, Sten, Standard scores). It allows for the comprehensive setting up and easy running of assessment batteries. Data can either be gathered by on-screen administration or with special quick-entry screens or even read-in from data files (such as those produced by scanners).

JPE is used to profile Jobs in terms of relevant competence/dimensions in the Organization. The JPE system facilitates this process and helps to determine the importance weights per competence. The resulting Job specification becomes the basis for battery selection during the assessment phase of the assessment process. This process is further aided by the inclusion of a dimensional specification editor. This allows for the inclusion of a large number of disparate instruments and scales for the measurement of each competency.

The Developer version of SPEEX enables the Test Publisher or Assessment expert to develop instruments for value added sales to end users. It also allows adding and editing of competence in the system as well as editing of report specifications and the distribution of norms and instruments to other users of the system.

In South Africa the final system is marketed jointly (under the SPEEX name) by both PIA and Psi Systems. PibSpeex is closely integrated with Leaderware's SmartStats program (which was  also developed by Jan Boeyens of Psi Systems).  Besides normal descriptive and predictive statistics (e.g. Correlation, ANOVA etc.), this program includes a range of Psychometric statistical procedures such as Item analyses, reliability estimates, Test Predictive Bias (comparing the regression lines in different groups) and Item Bias (comparing relative item difficulty in different groups) and it can therefore be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any instruments contained in the system.