Some of the projects we have been involved with:

AssessmentWorld:  A feature-rich psychometric testing platform.  This is an ongoing project, of which the first version was released in 1998 as a hybrid Windows/Internet Testing system.    It consists of Low level web services and  servlets, complex databases,  and end-user as well as content-developer web interfaces.  A number of front ends were developed including Android mobile Test interfaces.  Various Test format scripting protocols were developed as part of the project.  The latest version will be launched in August 2017.

Fatigueometer:  A true hybrid system, with components running on Windows, the web and Mobile devices.  It has flexible and powerful middle-ware servers that connects users periodically, and makes sure that all the latest information is readily available on-line.

Psi Systems:  Web Avenue’s sister company.  Psi Systems concentrates more on traditional software development projects, whereas Web Avenue is focused on the Web.

Optime: Developers of websites.  We offer support during technically challenging projects, and we host WordPress based sites developed for their clients at very affordable rates.